Suraksha Old Age Home

Suraksha Old Age Home is open to both male and female senior citizens where they can either reside on a long term or a short term basis as they desire.

Suraksha Charitable Trust

Founded in 2008, Suraksha Charitable Trust is a non-government Organization Over the past years. Suraksha Old age Home has been in the service of providing love and care to the senior citizens of our society, who are very much in need of these two things at that stage of their lives.
For elderly Persons the Suraksha was setup with the main aim of bringing joy and contentment into the lives of the elderly, who may not be staying with their families for some reason, may not have a family to stay with or simply prefer the company of people who fall in the same age category as themselves.

Our Moto

Elderly Persons are considered to be a burden and dependents in society. To change this perspective and shoulder their responsibilities, We have started this initiative by providing elderly persons home. Our Office located at Jayanagar. We at Suraksha have caringly created an environment that encourages senior assist to experience things that have integral part of their life. At the same time enjoy those moments that one might have missed out in life while fulfilling their responsibilities at our elderly home.