About us

Founded in 2008, Suraksha Charitable Trust is a non-government Organization Over the past years. Suraksha Old age Home has been in the service of providing love and care to the senior citizens of our society, who are very much in need of these two things at that stage of their lives.
For elderly Persons the Suraksha was setup with the main aim of bringing joy and contentment into the lives of the elderly, who may not be staying with their families for some reason, may not have a family to stay with or simply prefer the company of people who fall in the same age category as themselves.

What makes them for an Assisted living facility like Suraksha?

1. Single Child family
2. Abroad and out of station employment
3. Shrinking joint family system
4. A difference of opinion among the family members.
5. Loss of freedom and independent living
6. Lonely living in houses
7. An increasing threat to life during old age

Who Needs Independent Living With Suraksha?

1. Senior residents whose children are
either living separately or settled abroad.
2. Senior residents who wished to stay away after their children’s marriage.
3. Senior residents who are unmarried, divorced, widow.
4. Senior residents who are childless and have no one to care.
5. Senior residents who wish to attach themselves on serving human society.